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Process Evaluation

Two words of process design advice - 1. Scalable, 2. Repeatable

Are your processes becoming more expensive? Are they causing quality and delivery issues? Are you wasting time? Wasting resources? Wasting money? Our analysis ‘X-rays’ your supply chain, to flag inefficiencies and spot new scalable and repeatable processes that cut lead times and costs.

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Process Design

We’ll show you exactly what better processes look like

We’ll take your ‘as is’ process review (your value stream mapping) and use it to create a ‘to be’ plan - our recommended process improvements. We’ll then explain how we plan to put your redesigned processes in place - the technology, team training and process documentation that you need for more efficient and effective ways of working.

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Implementing Change

Blackbelt process design and implementation - in practice

Your new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), new documentation, and the training that supports it are the foundations that underpin your new scalable and repeatable process designs. If you want us to handle that all, we can. If you would prefer us to just advise, that’s fine too. Or you can manage the whole implementation in-house. Whatever works best to deliver the best possible performance outcomes.
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Developing People

The big P in process improvement - People

At IMPACT EVOLVE we know exactly what it takes to turn new process designs into new real-world cost savings, shorter lead times and improved efficiency. It takes experience, it takes empathy and it takes crystal clear communication to train people against the new SOPs. The kind of process know-how we’ve been using to help founders like you scale at speed - fast.
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Growing smarter, more effective supply chain through professional advisory services

Business process mapping

Having a clear overview of your operation is just one of the benefits of business process mapping. This is the starting point for implementing effective change.

Process design & Optimisation

Business process design based on decades of experience in supply chain management. Our experts will help you optimise for scaling success.

Process and SOP documentation

Having a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is nothing if your team can’t access it when needed. Putting clear documentation in place is critical.

Organisational change management

As your business grows, it will inevitably require changes to its organisational structure. Our team can guide you through these challenging times.

Technology Recommendations & Integration

Developing your processes may mean integrating technologies you’ve not used before. We can recommend best practices and help you get set up.

Training Matrix support

Implementing the correct training matrix for your team is an important part of their growth. Get set up with the right tools and training for people development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is process mapping in supply chain?

A supply chain process map shows the end-to-end route your goods travel on throughout your supply chain. The supply chain mapping process can be a simple overview or a much more detailed step-by-step journey. Depending on the nature of your requirements will determine how detailed your map should be. A mapping exercise can be a good place to start with process design as once you visualise your goods journeys, you’ll start to see where issues are much more clearly.

What is a training matrix?

A training matrix (sometimes known as a skills matrix) is a table used to understand the training required by different roles within a business and help to track individuals' progress with their training. It's a fundamental part of skills development and something that becomes very important as businesses start to scale.

What is SOP?

The SOP acronym stands for Standard Operating Procedure and is something all businesses operating a supply chain should have in place. Your SOP should clearly explain the steps required for your production and distribution of goods. SOP management is an important part of running your day-to-day business. If you don’t have an SOP in place or are unsure how to write one, one of our team will be happy to discuss it with you.

How do you start with mapping business processes?

Creating a business process map is a good exercise to do if you want more visibility over your supply chain operation. There are business process mapping tools available or you can gain a lot of insight purely by mapping out your process on paper with key stakeholders.

Some simple steps you can take to get started are:

  • Start by identifying the core processes that drive your business.
  • Define those process boundaries, clearly defining where they start and end.
  • Collect detailed information about each step in your process.
  • Involve your key stakeholders to get their input (this could include managers and the people on the ground floor).
  • Visualise your process, using flowcharts or process mapping tools can help here.
  • Analyse the process to look for problem areas that can be optimised.

If you’d like more information on how to create detailed process maps for your business, please contact one of our team.

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